15 Best Modern Home Designs Of 2014

15 Best Modern Home Designs Of 2014


Modern home designs have been around for a long time and are becoming more popular than ever before. If you want to give your house a modern look, then this article is for you. Here we will discuss some of the best modern home designs of 2014 that will help you transform your home into something amazing!

15 Best Modern Home Designs Of 2014

The Modern Contemporary Homes

If you’re looking for the most popular home design of 2014, look no further than the modern contemporary home.

This style of home is characterized by its open floor plan, lots of glass and an overall minimalist aesthetic. It’s not too futuristic or out-there; it’s just a very modern take on what we consider “normal.”

The reason these homes are so popular? They offer plenty of room for entertaining guests as well as ample opportunity for personal relaxation time in a single story layout.

The Modern and Minimalist Home Designs

Modern and minimalist home designs are two styles that can be combined to create a beautiful and comfortable space that is also functional. Modern design emphasizes simplicity and functionality, while minimalist design focuses on the use of space and materials. When you combine these two concepts in your home, you’re bound to get something that looks modern but also feels spacious enough for you to live comfortably inside it.

Here are some examples of modern minimalist homes:

The Contemporary Coastal Modern Homes

  • The Contemporary Coastal Modern Homes

The contemporary coastal modern homes are those that have a coastal feel to them, but do not necessarily have to be located near the beach. These designs usually incorporate many of the elements associated with traditional coastal houses, such as shingles on their roofs or large windows for letting in lots of natural light. They also tend to feature glass railings around balconies and staircases so that you can enjoy your view from anywhere inside your house without having to open any doors or windows first!

The Mid-Century Modern Home Designs

Mid-century modern design is a style of architecture that emerged in the 1940s and 1950s. The style was popular for about 20 years, and it’s characterized by open floor plans, clean lines and simple shapes.

The mid-century modern home is typically one story with an expanded living space that includes an expansive great room with sliding glass doors leading to an outdoor patio or deck area on one side; this allows for plenty of natural light inside your home. The other side may have sliding glass doors as well that open up onto another outdoor area such as a poolside patio or balcony overlooking your beautiful landscaping (or maybe even city lights!).

The Luxurious Modern Residential Interior Design Ideas

If you are looking for a home design that offers luxury and modernity, then you will love the following modern home designs.

  • The Luxurious Modern Residential Interior Design Ideas:

The first thing that drew me to this particular home design was its minimalist style. It has no unnecessary features like any other traditional residential building or apartment complex would have. The only things that can be seen from outside are some windows and doors! This makes it easy for anyone who wants to live there to enjoy their privacy without having anything else bothering them other than nature itself (which is pretty awesome).

The Open Floor Plan Design for the Living Room, Kitchen and Dining Room Areas

Open floor plans are becoming increasingly popular. This is because they allow for the living room, kitchen and dining room areas to be combined into one large space. This can be great for those who want to create a large entertaining space or if you have children who need more room to play in the house. Open floor plans also make it easier to clean up after family gatherings or parties because everything will be in one place instead of spread out throughout different rooms.

The Double Height Living Room With Skylight Design Idea

The double height living room is an excellent design idea for modern homes. The glass walls and copper roof give it a unique look, while the open floor plan allows you to see all of the rooms in your home at once.

The staircase is a great feature that adds to the natural beauty of this room, as well as providing a place where guests can rest their feet while they’re watching TV or reading books on long summer days by their poolside.

The Copper Roof on Staircase Design Idea With Glass Walls And Railing

The copper roof on this staircase design is an excellent way to add style and value to your home. The copper roofing is a great way to reduce energy costs, increase the comfort of your home, and it looks beautiful with the glass walls and railing.

The copper roofing can be used with other types of material such as wood or metal materials depending on what type of structure you want in your house. The best part about having a new building material like this one is that there are so many different ways you could use it!

Today we will look at some of the best modern home designs of 2014.

Today we will look at some of the best modern home designs of 2014.

The design is a modern home with a contemporary feel. It has clean lines and minimalist furniture, but it’s also warm and inviting.

The design is a modern home with a minimalist feel. This layout makes use of open spaces, which encourage you to move around freely without feeling trapped by furniture or walls restricting your movement (unless you want them).

The design is a modern home with a coastal feel. The flooring here is made up largely of tile—which means that even though this house doesn’t have much natural light coming in from its windows (because they’re covered), it still feels bright thanks to all those colorful tiles!


We hope that you enjoyed our list of the best modern home designs of 2014. These are just a few of the many beautiful homes that were built this year and we know there will be more amazing houses built next year as well.